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Books about "India"

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Water : Culture, Politics and Management


Indo-Iranian relations and the Arab prism

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Enhancing peace and cooperation in West Asia : an Indian perspective

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The Khanna study; population problems in the rural Punjab

Harvard University Press

China, India and the United States competition for energy resources

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Strengthening China's and India's Trade and Investment Ties to the Middle East an

The World Bank

New industries from new places : the emergence of the software and hardware industries in China and

World Bank

Global studies. India and South Asia

Dushkin Pub. Group

Global studies. India and South Asia.

Dushkin Pub. Group

Essays on india


Strategic corporate communication

Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.

The god of small things


Countering gender violence : initiatives towards collective action in Rajasthan

Sage publications

Major religions of India : new insights into Hinduism, Jainism

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Living and dying from moment to moment


J. Krishnamurti as I knew him


Divine messengers of our time

Sri Satgruru Publications

The home and the world

A.I. T.B.S . Publishers

Textbook of industrial pharmacognosy


Dancing with giants : China, India, and the global economy

World Bank : Institute of Policy Studies

Man, environment and wildlife

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd

Historiographical study of Indo-Muslim architecture : medieval architecture of India

Historical Research Documentation Programme

International competitiveness, investment and finance : a case study of India


Architecture of Fatehpur Sikri : forms, techniques & concepts

Historical Research Documentation Programme

Staying alive : women, ecology, and development

Zed Books
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