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Development Of regional Capital Goods And Heavy Engineering Industries


Local & regional response to glbal pressure

Research Series

واقع وتحديات تطبيق إدارة الجودة الشاملة في الصناعات الكيماوية الفلسطينية

An Najah national University

Applied energy : an introduction

Taylor & Francis

Corporate social responsibility in listed companies in Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE) and its relation to profitability

Faculty of Graduate Studies - Hebron University

Worlds of production : the action frameworks of the economy

Harvard University Press

Business, government, and society : a managerial perspective : text and cases


Energy Efficiency Improvment and Cost Saving Measures in Some

An-Najah National University

Energy Efficiency Improvment and Cost Saving Measasures in Some Different Indu

An-Najah National University

Business and society : a strategic approach to corporate citizenship

houghton Mifflin

Review of Industry in Escwa Member Countries

United Nations

Methodology for the assessment of competitiveness of selected existing industries

United Nations

Restructuring strategy: new networks and industry challenges

Blackwell Pub.

Security Management: an introduction

Pearson Prentice Hall

Contemporary security management


Global Shift: Reshaping the Global Economic Map in the 21th century

Sage publications

Environmentally conscious design and manufacturing : recent advances : proceedings of the Second Int

ECM Press

Industrialization and agricultural surplus : a comparative study of economic development in Asia

Oxford University Press

Optimizing energy efficiencies in industry


Clean technology and the environment

Blackie Academic & Professional

Review of industry in Escwa member countries


Panorama industries picardie


Japan surges ahead: the story of an economic miracle

Frederick A. Praeger, publishers

Anatomy Of Europe

harper & row

Soviet progress vs. American enterprise

Doubleday & Company, Inc.
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