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Books about "Industry"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Who's stealing your business: how to identify and prevent business espionage

AMACOM, American Management Association

Computer -Based energy management systems technology and application

Academic Press

Building the strategically-Responsive organization

John Wiley & Sons

Corporate performance : the key to public trust

McGraw-Hill Book Company

The Japanese company

Yale University Press

The Changing environment of business: a managerial approach

Kent publishing company

Business, government, and society

Random House Business Division

Business and society: a managerial approach

Richard D. Irwin, Inc.

Business government and society : a managerial perspective


Corporate Social Responsibility

Lexington books

Industrial Energy Conservation

John wiley &sons

A clear view : guide to industrial pollution control

An Inform Book

2 Millions D'Annees D'Industrie Alimentaire


Industrial Energy Conservation

John Wiley & sons,

Industrial Pollution Control

John Willey & Sons

Adventures In Sociaalism

John Smith

Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry

The Society of Chemical Industry

Ethical theory and business

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