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Books about "Integrated Circuits"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects


McGraw _ Hill

Introduction to microelectronic fabrication

Addison -Wesly Publishing

Electronic circuits:Digital and analog

John Wiley and Sons



Electronic fundamentals and applications


Analysis and Design of Integrated Electronic Circuits Digital Electronics

harper & row

Contemporary logic design


Principles of CMOS VLSI design : a systems perspective

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.

Integrated circuit design

Pearson / Addison Wesley

Elements of analog electronics

S. K. Kataria & Sons

Fundamentals of analog electronics

S. K. Kataria & Sons

Millman's integrated electronics : Analog and digital circuits and systems

Tata mcGraw hill

Microelectronic circuit design


Microelectronic circuits

Oxford University Press

Electronics fundamentals : circuits, devices, and applications

Pearson/Prentice Hall

Analog Integrated circuits

S.K. Kataria & sons

Net work processors

Morgan Kaufmann

Analysis and design of digital integrated circuits : in deep submicron technology

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Electronics analog and digital

Prentice hall of india

Microelectronic circuts

Oxford University Press

Analog circuit design


The PIC microcontroller: your personal introductory course


PIC BASIC: programming and projects


Active filters for integrated-circuit applications

Artech House

Memory: technical information, Vol. 1

D.A.T.A. business publishing
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