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Books about "International cooperation"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Arab Regional Preparatory Meeting for The Fourth World Conference On Women

united nations publication

Biomass to biofuels : strategies for global industries


Water as an element of cooperation and development in the Middle East

Ayna Publications

Evolution of international environmental negotiations : from Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The MDGs after the crisis

World Bank

Water wars: programme 1, 2, 3

BBC Videos for Education & Training-BBC Enterprises Ltd.

The international textbook of cardiology

Pergamon Press

Women, development, and the UN : a sixty-year quest for equality and justice

Indiana University Press

Development of guidelines for harmonized environmental impact assessment

United Nations

Transboundary water resources: strategies for regional security and ecological sta


The Organization of global negotiations: constructing the climate change regime


International financial accounting: acomparative approach

Financial Times

The greening of Machiavelli : The evolution of international environmental politics


Global business regulation

Cambridge University Press

Global Engagement Cooperation and Security in the 21 st Century

The Brookings Institution

Nuclear weapons and world politics : alternatives for the future


South Africa and Brazil: risks and opportunities in the turmoil of globalisation


Proceedings of the third agricultural and food policy systems information workshop: harmonization/co

University of Manitoba

Human Rights of Women


UNESCO and education


IOC groups of experts on the global sea level observing system(gloss


Management of Energy/Environment Systems

John wiley &sons

A Study of international fisheries research

The World Bank

Basic Documents

World Health Organization

International Cooperation Tax Matters

United Nations
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