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Books about "International economic relations"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 1995

The World Bank

International marketing

McGraw-Hill Education

Multinational enterprises and the global economy


International marketing

Dryden Press

International marketing

Enkay Pub. House

basics of international economics

Random Exports

The international monetary system, the IMF, and the G-20 : a great transformation in the making?

Palgrave Macmillan

A History of the world economy : international economic relations since 1850

Financial Times/ Prentice Hall

The world economy : global trade policy 2011


Adjusting to globalization


The contemporary global economy : a history since 1980


International economics : trade and finance


International trade : a business perspective

Financial Times / Prentice Hall : Open University of the Netherlands

International economics : a European focus

FT Prentice Hall

The politics of international economic relations

Wadsworth cengage learning

International economics

McGraw-Hill Irwin

Annual review of developments in globalization and regional integration in the coun

United Nations-ESCWA

International economics


International Economics


The Lexus and the olive tree

Anchor Books

Global transformations : politics, economics and culture

Polity Press

The growth of the international economy 1820-2000 : an introductory text


The West and the Third World : trade, colonialism, dependence, and development

Blackwell Publishers

Globalization and Korean foreign investment


Introduction to international political economy

Pearson / Prentice Hall
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