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Books about "International relations"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Games Nations Paly

Holt , Rinehart & Winston

What Hope Inan Armed World

A pickaring Paperback

Technology and International Relations

W.H.freeman and

World Politics Trend and Transformation

St.martin's Press

Toward the Twenty-First Century:Areader in world Politics

Prentice Hall

Making American Foreign Policy

The Dushkin Publishing

Man, the state and war

Columbia University Press

World Politics 10/11


Power in the changing global order : the US, Russia and China


The environment and international relations

Cambridge University Press

Studies in international conflict and crisis management

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Patterns of order and changes in international relations : major wars and their aftermath

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Globalization and regionalization : new trends in world politics

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The Gulf States : threat perceptions and security policies

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Dialectical integration in the Gulf Co-operation Council

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The United Nations' role in world affairs

H.W. Wilson

IR the new world of international relations


International politics : power and purpose in global affairs

Wadsworth cengage learning

Guide of good practices management of an international relations office

Education and culture DG European Commission

Strategic choice and international relations

Princeton University Press

A history of international relations theory

Manchester University press

The globalization of world politics : an introduction to international relations

Oxford University Press

Understanding international relations


Introduction to international relations : theories and approaches

Oxford University Press

International organization : polity, politics and policies

Palgrave Macmillan
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