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Books about "International trade"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

International economics : trade and finance


World trade and payments : an introduction

Pearson Addison Wesley

International trade : a business perspective

Financial Times / Prentice Hall : Open University of the Netherlands

International Business

Prentice Hall

The handbook of international trade and finance : the complete guide to risk management, international payments and currency management, bonds and guarantees, credit insurance and

Kogan Page

GATT and the impact on the GCC countries

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The changing composition and direction of GCC trade

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Gulf banking and the WTO's general agreement on trade in services

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

International trade and financial environment

Ane Books Pvt. Ltd.

International economics


Global business today

McGraw Hill/Irwin

Globalization for development : trade, finance, aid, migration, and policy

World Bank

World trade indicators 2008 : benchmarking policy and performance

World Bank

International trade and climate change : economic, legal, and institutional perspecti

The World Bank

Services trade and development : the experience of Zambia

Palgrave Macmillan

The impact of environmental regulations on production and exports in the food proc

United Nations

Managing trade, technology and environment

Institute of Management, Nirma university

Poverty and the WTO: impacts of the Doha Development Agenda

The World Bank

Trade Politics

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Global change and East Asian policy initiatives

World Bank

Moving people to deliver services

World Bank

Trade Can: database software for a competitiveness analysis of nations

The World Bank

Trade and Transport Facilitation

The World Bank

Trade efficiency in ESCWA member countries: a comprehensive study

United Nations

The State of the art in teaching: business policy

College of administrative science- the Ohio State university
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