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Books about "Internet in education"

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147 Practical tips for teaching online groups : Essentials of Web-based education

Atwood Pub.

Understanding the digital generation : teaching and learning in the new digital landscape


Best ideas for teaching with technology : a practical guide

M.E. Sharpe

Evolution of teaching and learning paradigms in intelligent environment


Children and the Internet : great expectations, challenging realities


Bringing the Internet to school : lessons from an urban district


Facilitator's Guide Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful Web tools for


Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful Web tools for classrooms


Teaching online : a practical guide


Global education : using technology to bring the world to your students

International Society for Technology in Education

International handbook of virtual learning environments: part one, part two


The Internet and the language classroom

Cambridge University Press

The essential workbook for library and internet research


Online learning and teaching with technology : case studies, experience

Stylus, VA : Stylus Pub

اتاحة المعرفة Access to Knowledge

مكتبة الاسكندرية

Teachers discovering computers : Integrating technology and digital media in the


E-learning : strategies for delivering knowledge in the digital age


Globalized e-learning cultural challenges

Information Science Pub

Web portfolio design and applications

Idea Group Publ.

Assessing the value of e-learning systems

Information Science Pub

E-learning and virtual science centers

Information Science Pub

Advances in computer-supported learning

Neto, Francisco Milton Mendes, 1973-

E- learning Quick Checklist

Information science

E-learning: search for excellence


The essential workbook for library and internet research

McGraw Hill
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