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Books about "Islamic Empire"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Abbasid revolution

University Press of cambridge

The Prophet and the age of the Caliphates : the Islamic Near East from the sixth to the eleventh century


A Mediterranean Society

University of California Press

Loyalty and leadership in an early Islamic society

Princeton University Press

The Development of the bureaucracy of the islamic empire during the late umayyad and early abbasid p

University of Texas At Austin

Annals of the Early caliphate

University Microfilms International

The Enemy Percieved: christian and Muslim views of each other during the crusades

University Microfilms International

Marwan Ibn Muhammad The Passing Of The Umayyad Caliphate

University Microfilms International

Conversion and the Poll tax in early Islam

University Microfilms International

Revoluionary Chiliasm In Umayyad Iraq

Indiana university

The Early Islamic state with Special Reference

University Microfilms International

The majesty that was Islam : the Islamic world, 661-1100

Sidgwick & Jackson
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