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Books about "Islamic countries"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

History of Islamic peoples

Routhledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.

Higher Education Facilities

harvard University

Continuity and changes : Design strategies for largescale urban development

harvard University

Theories and principles of design in the architecture of Islamic societies : a symposium held by the

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture

Global leaders in Islamic finance : industry milestones and reflections

John Wiley & Sons

Your fatwa does not apply here : untold stories from the fight against Muslim fundamentalism

W. W. Norton & Company

Gender and national identity : women and politics in muslim societies

Zed Books : Oxford University Press

Apocalypse in Islam

University of California Press

Studies on the civilization of Islam


Historical atlas of the Muslim peoples


Islamic money and banking : integrating money in capital theory

John Wiley & Sons (Asia)

A history of Islamic societies

Cambridge University Press

Issues in Islamic banking : selected papers

Islamic Foundation

Understanding Islamic finance

John Wiley & Sons

The Cambridge history of Islam Vol 1A : The Central Islamic lands from pre-Islamic times to the First World War

Cambridge University Press

From militants to politicians : Atavist Islam and the concept of democratic peace

The Emirates Center For Strategic Studies and Research

Customer information exchange, ethical frameworks and gender in the Arab business world

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

In the shadow of the Prophet : the struggle for the soul of Islam

Anchor Books/Doubleday

The Cambridge history of Islam. v.2B. Islamic society and civilization

Cambridge University Press

Islamic finance : law, economics, and practice

Cambridge University Press

Risk analysis for Islamic banks

World Bank

Islamic world academy of sciences declarations

Islamic world academy of sciences

Human rights in the arab islamic culture

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture : building for tomorrow

Academy Editions

Islamic banking and finance : new perspectives on profit sharing and risk

Edward Elgar in association with International Association of Islamic Economics, Islamic Development
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