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Books about "Israel"

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A History of the Co_operative Movement in Israel.


Olive Trees In Storm

American Friends Of The Middle East

The Labour Movement in Israel

Rubin Mass


Thames & Hudson

The Battle Of Beirut:Why Israel Invaded Lebanon

Zed Press

My talks with Arab leaders

Keter Books

A history of The Co-operative Movement in Israel


The German Path to Israel

Oswald Wolf

The Seventh day: soldiers' talk about the Six-Day War


Generals Of Israel

Hadar Publishing Co.

The Palestine Question

Croom Helm

Geography of Israel

Israel University press

Arab And Jew

Keter Publishing House

Israel's Fateful Hour

Congress Cataloging

By Way Of Deception

St. Martin's Press

The Israeli Connection

Pantheon Books

Israel and the Arab States

Franklin Watts

To Jersalem and Back: A Personal Account

The Viking Press

The walls of Israel

M. Evans

Enemy in the Promised Land

Schocken Books

WARRIOR: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon


Palestine, The Arabs and Israel

Longman Group limited

Nuclear weapons in Israel

A.P.H. Publishing Corporation

The Arab Boycott of Israel

AAUG Press

LAWS Of The State Of Israel

The Government printer
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