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Books about "Jewish"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine


Jerusalem, key to peace

The middle East institute

My talks with Arab leaders

Keter Books

Iraq Today

Ministry Of Interior Baghdad

To make war or make peace; preceedings the international symposium on inevitable war or initiatives

New Outlook

Palestine A Modern History

Croom Helm Ltd

The Economic War Against The Jews

Random House

Israel's Fateful Hour

Congress Cataloging

Israel and the Arab States

Franklin Watts

Enemy in the Promised Land

Schocken Books

Between Enemies: An Arab-Israeli Dialogue

Andre Deutsch

Israel's Palestinians : the conflict within

Cambridge University Press



Fast times in Palestine

Mason Hill Press

In spite of partition : Jews, Arabs, and the limits of separatist imagination

Princeton University Press

The question of Palestine


A senseless, squalid war' : voices from Palestine, 1890s to 1948


The broken sword of justice; America, Israel and the Palestine tragedy

Quartet Books Ltd.

Palestinians and Israel

Keter Pub. House

Palestine is my country: the story of Musa Alami


Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Bedfor/St.Martin's Press

Competing trade agendas in the Arab-Israeli peace process

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

the birth of the palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949

Cambridge University Press

Semites and anti-Semites : an inquiry into conflict and prejudice


The New Middle East

Henry Holt
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