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Books about "Kings and rulers"

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Cambridge Uninversity Press

The Prophet and the age of the Caliphates : the Islamic Near East from the sixth to the eleventh century


The acts of King Arthur and his noble knights

penguin books

Joseon royal court culture : ceremonial and daily life

Dolbegae Publishers

Alexander the Great: Ancient and Modern Perpectives

D.C. Heath and company

My memoirs completed "Al Takmilah"


Marwan Ibn Muhammad The Passing Of The Umayyad Caliphate

University Microfilms International

Revoluionary Chiliasm In Umayyad Iraq

Indiana university

Rituals of Royalty:power and Ceremonial in traditional societies

Cambridge University Press


France Loisirs

Henri Iv Le Roi Libre

France Loisirs

Pierre Le Grand

Editions Complexe

Les Aigles Foudroyes: la fin des Romanov, des Habsbourg et des Hohenzollern

France Loisirs

Histoires d'amour de l'Histoire de France 1

France Loisirs

Los Reyes Catolicos : paisaje artistico de una monarquia

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