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Books about "Labor economics"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Labor markets and employment relationships : a comprehensive approach

Blackwell Pub.

Modern labor economics : theory and public policy

Prentice Hall

The economics of the labour market

Financial Times / Prentice Hall

Modern labor economics : theory and public policy


Contemporary Labor Economics

McGraw Hill

The economics of labor markets


The economics of labor markets


Integrated framework for palestinian macroeconomic, trade and labour policy (pha

Palestine Economic Policy research Institute (MAS)

Labor economics and labor relations

Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Economics of labor

The Macmillan company

Labor economics : theory and evidence

Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Workers, institutions and economic growth in Asia

International Institute for Labour Studies

Labor Economics and Labor relations

prentice -Hall

Labor economics

Henry Holt and Company

Labor Economics and labor Relations

Prentic Hall

Studies in Labour Economics


Reading in labor Economics and labor Relations


Labour Econonmics and Labour Relation

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