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Books about "Languages"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Why does language Matter to Philosophy

Cambridge University Press

Language in the U.S.A.

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Speech acts:an essay in the philosophy of language

Cambridge University Press

Introduction to theoretical theory of language


Politics,Language and thought;the Somali Experience

The University Press


Cambridge University Press

Entretiens Sur La Poesie

la baconniere

The languages of Jerusalem

Clarendon Press

Logic and Philosophy for Linguists:A Book of Readings

Mouton Publishers

Emerging language 2

Communication,skill builders

A Workbook for english two

Dar Al-Falah

The Story of Language

George Allen & Unwin Ltd.

Language, Semantics and Ideology:Stating the abvious

The Macmillan Press

Linguistic Behaviour

Cambridge University Press
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