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Books about "Latin America"

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Wastewater Treatment in Latin America

The World Bank

The long march: a reform agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean in the next decade

The World Bank

Latin Americans with Palestinian roots

Diyar publisher

Born in blood and fire : a concise history of Latin America


Fiscal policy, stabilization, and growth : prudence or abstinence?

World Bank

China's and India's challenge to Latin America : opportunity or threat?

The World Bank

Emerging capital markets and globalization : the Latin American experience

Stanford University Press

The state of state reform in Latin America

Stanford University Press

Safeguards and antidumping in latin american trade liberalization: fighting fi

The World Bank

Beyond reforms structural dynamics and macroeconomic vulnerability

A Copublication of Stanford Economics and Finance

European Union, Latin America, Caribbean : advancing together.

Office for Official Publications of the European Communities

Keeping the promise of social security in Latin America

World Bank

Bulletin bibliographique Amerique latine

Editions Recherche sur les Civilisations

Indian labor in the Spanish Indies: Was There another solution?

D.C. Heath and company

An Urban strategy for Latin America

Baker book house

The role of the armed forces in the Americas: civil-military relations for the 21s

Strategic studies institute (SSI)

The Alliance Lost Its Way ACritical Report On The Alliance For Progress


Latin America An Economic And Social Geography


Latin America and The United States: The Changing Political

Stanford University Press

Capitalism and the State in U.S. latin american relations

Stanford University Press

Dependence and underdevelopment: latin American's political economy

Anchor Books

Latin America

Dushkin Publishing Group

La crisis de la deuda externa en la America Latina

Fondo de cultura economica

La crisis internacional y la America Latina

Fondo de cultura economica

Labor market flexibility in thirteen latin American countries and the United States

The World Bank
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