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Books about "Law"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Outlines of English Law

McGraw-hill Publishing Company

Introduction To The Law Of The United States

Kluwer Law & Taxation Pub.

Banking Law Reform in the Palestinian territories


LAWS Of The State Of Israel

The Government printer

Dictionaire Pratique: Francis-Arabe:Droit, commerce, Finances

Establishment Al-Maaref

A Level Law

Macdonald & Evans

European Tax Law

Kluwer Law & Taxation Pub.

Introduction to the US Income Tax System

Kluwer Law & Taxation Pub.

Monster in law

New Line Cinema

Taking sides. Clashing views on legal issues

McGraw Hill

المصطلحات القانونية : تعلم، تقدم واستمتع

Dar Wael

Legal terminology

Arab community library for publishing of distribution

Heaven on Earth : a journey through Sharia law

Bodley Head

Dictionnaire juridique : Franco - A`rabe

Dar el - fikr el -arabi

Advances in Islamic economics and finance, Vol 1 : Proceedings of 6th international conference on Islamic economics and finance

Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank Group

International legal English : a course for classroom or self-study use

Cambridge University Press

Law dictionary


Legal treminology in english contracts : English - Arabic

Dar Al Thaqafa

Legal terminology in English

Ithra'a for Publishing

Annotated Law of Palestine: a statement of the statute law of palestine in alphabeti

S. Bursi, Law Publisher

Annotated Law Reports: parts 33-42

S. Bursi

Outline of the U.S. legal system

Bureau of Information Programs United States Department of State

National Survey of State Laws

Gale Cengage Learning

Magill's Legal Guide

Salem Press, Incorporated

American Law Yearbook 2006

Thomson Gale
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