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Books about "Lebanon"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Battle Of Beirut:Why Israel Invaded Lebanon

Zed Press

Cross roads to civil war : Lebanon 1958-1976

Ithaca Press

Prose poems


The madman :His parables and poems


Going All The Way: christian warlords, Israeli adventurers, and the war in Lebanon

The Viking Press

Israel's Lebanon War

Simon and Schuster

From Beirut to Jerusalem

Farrar Straus Giroux


Academic Press

The Israeli use of U.S. weapons in Lebanon : a report in two parts

AAUG Press


Vantage Press

Lebanon : the politics of a penetrated society


War and memory in Lebanon

Cambridge University Press

Beware of small states : Lebanon, battleground of the Middle East

Faber and Faber

Israel after Begin : Israel's options in the aftermath of the Lebanon war .

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Artillery of heaven : American missionaries and the failed conversion of the Middle East

Cornell University Press

Manifestations of identity: the lived reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Institute for Palestine Studies

The position of a weak state in an unstable region : the case of Lebanon

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Memoirs in Exile

New Pen Bond

The Political Views of The Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon As Reflected in My 20

Al-Zaytouna centre for Studies & Consultations

Profile of the information socity in the republic of lebanon

United Nations

Women and men in lebanon

United Nations

Kahlil Gibran, his life and world

Interlink Books

In forbidden time : love poems

New Pen Bond

Directory of support services for small and medium enterprises in Lebanon

United Nations-Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Evaluation of agricultural policies in selected ESCWA member countries : a case-study of Lebanon (po

United Nations
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