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Books about "Management Games"

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The big book of team building games : quick, fun activities for building morale, communication and team spirit

McGraw-Hill Professional

The big book of business games : icebreakers, creativity exercises, and meeting energizers


The big book of team motivating games : spirit-building, problem-solving and communication games for every group


The big book of brain-building games : fun activities to stimulate the brain--for better group learning, communication, and understanding


The big book of people skills games : [quick, effective activities for making great impressions, boosting problem-solving skills, and improving customer service


The big book of virtual team-building games : quick, effective activities to build communication, trust, and collaboration from anywhere!


Icebreakers: book of activities

Viva Books

Games trainers play outdoors


The Business strategy game: a Global Industry simulation


Negotiation Training through Gaming : Strategies, Tactics, and Manoeuvres

Kogan Page Limited

100 training Games

McGraw Hill
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