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Books about "Managerial accounting"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Introduction to management Accounting


Management control systems

Homewood Richard D. Irwin

Managerial accounting : creating value in a dynamic business environment


Managerial accounting


Management accounting best practices : a guide for the professional accountant

John Wiley & Sons

Best practices in management accounting

Palgrave Macmillan

Essential finance and accounting for managers

Financial Times/Prentice Hall

Managerial accounting


Advanced cost and management accounting

New Age International Publishers

Financial management in hotel and restaurant industry

Random Publications

Management accounting : information for decision-making and strategy execution


Management accounting

Wisdom Press

Management and cost accounting

Cengage learning

Managerial accounting : creating value in a global business environment

McGraw-Hill Higher

Financial & managerial accounting : the basis for business decisions

McGraw-Hill Irwin

Managerial economics : economic tools for today’s decision makers

Pearson Education Internationa

Financial and managerial accounting for MBAs

Cambridge Business Publishers

Accounting for management

Tata McGraw-Hill Education Private Limited

Management Accounting text problems and cases

Tata mcGraw hill

Managerial accounting : a focus on ethical decision making

South-Western Cengage Learning

Essentials of managerial accounting

South- western Cengage Learning

Financial and managerial accounting for MBAs

Cambridge Business Pub.

Managerial accounting


Introduction to managerial accounting

McGraw-Hill Irwin

Study Guide Financial & Managerial Accounting 2002

Houghton Mifflin Company
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