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Books about "Mass media"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Writing for the media

Prentice Hall



Mass Media 94/ 95

The Dushkin Publishing

News Reporting and Writing

Wm.C.Brown Publishers

News Reporting and Writing

St.Martins Press

Taking Sides :Clashing view on Controversial issues in Mass Media and society

The Dushkin Publishing

Mediating The Message:theories of Infleunces on mass media Content


Media /Impact: an Intorduction to mass Media

Wadsworth publishing

New Media Technology:Cultural And Commercial Perspectives

Allyn and Bacon

Media & political conflict

Cambridge University Press

The News

Copp Clark Pitman

The Media in your life:an introduction to mass Communication

Allyn and Bacon

Messages The Washington Post Media Companion

Washington Post

Media/ Reader

Wadsworth publishing

Introduction to Mass Communication

Mayfield Publishing

Media and culture:an introduction to mass communication

St.martin's Press

Introduction Mass Communication:media literacy and Culutre

Mayfield Publish1ng

Mass Media 98/99

Annotated world wide web sites now included in this book

First annual conference of the media policy and research center : Mechanisms to enhance Palestinian independent media

Media policy and research center

Media writer's handbook : a guide to common writing and editing problems

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Introduction to mass communication : media, literacy, and culture


Mass media law

McGraw-Hill College

Taking sides. Clashing views in mass media and society


Introduction to mass communication : media literacy and culture


Mass media in a changing world

McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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