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Books about "Middle East"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Olive Trees In Storm

American Friends Of The Middle East

Communism And National In The Middle East

Routledge & Kegan Paul

Army officers in Arab politics and society

Israel Universities Press

The Middle East in Transition

Routledge & Kegan Paul

Men Against The Desert

George Allen & Unwin

The Middle East

The Dushkin Publishing group

Selected social trends in the ESCWA region

United Nations

Reagan and the Middle East


Database on Poverty in the ESCWA Region-eradicating poverty studies No. 6

Economic and social commission for Western Asia-United Nations

MEWIN Directory

Osage Press

Form An Antique Land

Max Parish

Securing Peace in the Middle East: Project on Economic Tranmsition

Cambridge University Press

The Impact of Crisis on the Social Situation in the ESCWA Region

United Nations Publication,


The Dushkin

The Tower of Babel; a novel


Human rights in the Middle East : frameworks, goals, and strategies

Palgrave Macmillan

Access to history: Crisis in the Middle East: Israel and the Arab States 1945-2007

Hodder Education

Public health in the Arab world

Cambridge University Press

Civil society in the Middle East


A Conference of local and international experts reviewing the peace process : towards a sustainable peaceful solution, 26-27 November 2008, Jerusalem

The center for democracy and community development : Al - Qudes University

The Arab spring : the end of postcolonialism

Zed Books

Can democracy succeed in the Middle East?

Greenhaven press

Understand the Middle East (since 1945)

Teach Yourself

The Middle East

CQ Press

Leadership development in the Middle East

Edward Elgar
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