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Books about "Military policy"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Israeli Connection

Pantheon Books

Roundtable discussion on Gulf security

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Iranian security policies at the crossroads?

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research


Presses Universitaires de France

The Economics of defense in the nuclear age


The politics of defence budgeting : a study of organisation and resource allocation in the United K

National Defense University Press

Postures for non-proliferation : arms limitation and security policies to minimize nuclear prolifer

Taylor & Francis

A Reasonable Defense

The Brookings Institution

Soviet Perceptions Of War and Peace

National Defense University Press

American strategy in the nuclear age

The Macmillan company

Russian security after the cold war: seven views from Moscow

Brassey's (US)

The role of the armed forces in the Americas: civil-military relations for the 21s

Strategic studies institute (SSI)

Setting national priorities : the next ten years

The Brookings Institution

The Elements of international strategy: a primer for the nuclear age, Vol.X

University Press Of America

Future visions for U.S. defence policy: four alternatives, presented as Presidential speeches

The Council on foreign relations

A time to build; military civic action: medium for economic development and social reform

University of South carolina press

Presidential promises and Performance

The Free Press

How much is enough?: shaping the defense program, 1961-1969

Harper & Row, Publishers

Components of Defense policy

Rand Mcnally &company

New Technologies Defense Policy,and Arms Control

Harper &Row

What kinds of guns are they buying for your butter?

William Morrow and COMPANY

American defense policy

The Johns Hopkins University Press

Soviet strategic arms policy befor salt

Cambridge University

Hiroshima in History and Memory

Cambridge University Press
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