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Books about "Near East"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Negotiating for peace in the ├╝middle east

Groom Helm

The changing Middle Eastern City

Croom Helm

Readings in Arab Middle Eastern societies and cultures


The Study of the Middle East

Houghton Mifflin Company

The ancient Near East: A new anthology of texts and pictures

Priceton University Press

Progress or the Pashas?: The Middle East at the Crossroads

Frederick Muller Ltd.

Review of Middle East studies

Ithaca Press

earliest: Civilizations of the Near East

Thames & Hudson

Islamic State in Conflict

Franklin Watts

Sacred Rage

Simon & Schuster

The Middle East and North Africa, 1978-79

Europa Publications Limited

Orientalism : history, theory and the arts

Viva Books

The politics of the Middle East

Thomson, Wadsworth


Vintage Books

The Middle East and North Africa 2001


Israel and Arab Water

The Arab Research Centre


Vintage Books

Middle East Perspective

Pitman publishing corporation

The Middle East:Oil,Politics,and Development

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

The elusive peace : the Middle East in the twentieth century

Croom Helm

The Plague in the Early Medieval Near East

University Microfilms International

War and peace in the middle East: the experiences and views of a U.N. observer

LEO Cooper

Lands of the unexpected : memoirs of the Middle East, 1930-1960

The Sunstone press

The Middle East Today

Holt,rinehart and winston

Beyond Camp David:emergini Alignments and leaders in the Middle Esat

Syracuse university Press
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