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Books about "Negotiation"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Getting to yes : negotiating agreement without giving in

penguin books

Kennedy’s negotiating simulations

Connaught Training

Mediating interpersonal conflicts: A Pathway to peace

CPI Publishing

Essentials of negotiation


Negotiation : theory and practice

Kluwer Law International

Professional cultures in international negotiation : bridge or rift?

Lexington books

The social psychology of bargaining and negotiation

Acadimic Press

Interpersonal Peacemaking: Confrontions and party Consultation

Addison -Wesley Publishing

The Creative Negotiator


Negotiating the future: vision and rea;politik in the quest for a Jerusalem of peace

Israel/Palestine Center for Research and information

Negotiate: The art of Winning

Singapore Institute of Management

Negotiating for Dummies


Negotiation Skills

John Wiley & Sons

Getting to Yes : Negotiating Agreement without Giving In

Hutchinson Business
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