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NGOs and development

Random Publications

Volunteerism in nonprofit sector - a case study of Palestinian non- governmental organization (NGOs) in the west bank

Human rights and democracy media center- SHAMS

Tracking external donor funding to palestinian non-governmental organizations in the west bank and Gaza 1999-2008

Palestine Economic Policy research Institute (MAS)

Arabic conversation book

Goodword books

A Broader Concept Of The Role Of Palestinian Non- Gover

United Nation

Bank and the Palestinian NGO Project

PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

Annual report 2008


Insulin Resistance


The Emergence of a Palestinian Globalized Elite, Donars, International Organizatio


Mapping Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in the West Bank and the Ga

Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute\ MAS

An evaluatio of the effectiveness of Palestinian Organizations Working in the fields

Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute\ MAS

Actual planning for development al projects implemented by ngos in the southern

Hebron University

The role and performance of palestinian ngos in health , education and agriculture

The World Bank

Critique of the second palestinian draft law concerning charitable societies, social

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Respective roles of private, public and NGO sectors "the palestinian economy: tow

Birzeit University

Alternatives : games, exercises and conversations for the language classroom


The Confidence Book


Techniques Of Non-Destructive Testing


Non-Newtonian Flow in the Process industries

Butterworth Heinemann

Non-Governmental Organisation- Performance and Accountaility

Save the Children

An Introduction to Open Learning Systems of Higher Education

Al-Quds Open University Publications
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