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Books about "Organizational change"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The transformation imperative : achieving market dominance through radical change

Harvard Business School Press

Leading change

Harvard Business School Press

Upside down management : revolutionizing management and development to maximize business success


Mission possible : becoming a world-class organization while there's still time


Exploring strategic change

FT Prentice Hall Financial Times

Organization design: a guide to building effective organizations

Kogan Page

Who killed change? : solving the mystery of leading people through change


Managing in times of change : 24 lessons for leading individuals and teams through change


Making teams work : 24 lessons for working together successfully


Innovation management : strategies, implementation and profits

Oxford University Press

Organization development : the process of leading organizational change

Sage publications

Managing innovation : integrating technological, market, and organizational change

John Wiley & Sons

Managing change

Hodder Education

Exploring organizational dynamics

Sage publications

Leadership and change management


Change management : a guide to effective implementation


Management by process: a roadmap to sustainable business process management


IT-enabled business change : successful management

British Computer Society

The personality of the organisation : a psycho-dynamic explanation of culture and change

Free Association Books

Sociocultural perspectives on learning through work


The changing face of Korean management


Change management


Teach yourself change and crisis management

Hodder Education

Making quality critical : new perspectives on organizational change


Organisational change

Prentice Hall
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