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Books about "Pain"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Clinical massage therapy : a structural approach to pain management


Pain management secrets


Pain management : expanding the pharmacological options


Frequency-specific microcurrent in pain management

Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

Peripheral nerve blocks & peri-operative pain relief

Saunders Elsevier

Neuropathic Pain


Current diagnosis and treatment of pain

Lang Medical Books / McGraw - Hill

Chronic pain : a handbook for nurses


Pain: acute and chronic


Core curriculum for pain management nursing


Pain: its nature and management in man and animals

Royal Scoiety of Medicine Press

Oxford textbook of palliative medicine

Oxford University Press

Anesthesia and pain management for the pediatrician

The Johns Hopkins University Press

Psychology, pain and anaesthesia

Chapman & Hall

Psychology, Pain and anaesthesia

Chapman & Hall

Manipulative Therapy in rehabilitation of the locomotor sysem

Butterworth Heinemann

Psychology, pain and anaesthesia

Chapman & Hall

Pain management by physical therapy

Butterworth Heinemann
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