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Books about "Palestinian Arabs"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947_1949

Cambridge University Press

ABU NIDAL: A Gun for Hire


Review of Labour and Employment Trends in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

United Nations conference on trade and development

Palestinians: From Peasants to Revolutionaries, a People's History Recorded

Zed Press

The Right of Return of the Palestinian People

United Nations

The Arabs in Israel

Monthly Review Press


Serpent's Tail

Israel's Palestinians : the conflict within

Cambridge University Press

Palestinian Christian in the West Bank : facts, figures and trends

Diyar publisher

Arab christians in Israel : facts, figures and trends

Diyar publisher

Surviving the Wall : the formation of Palestinian cultural identity from the Crimean War to the Wall

A. Qleibo

The rise and fall of Arab Jerusalem : Palestinian politics and the city since 1967


The statehood of Palestine : international law in the Middle East conflict

Cambridge University Press

Transition to Palestinian self-government : practical steps toward Israeli-Palestinian peace

Indiana University Press ; American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Gate of the sun


Palestinian society in Gaza, West Bank and Arab Jerusalem : a survey of living conditions


Scattered like seeds : a novel

Syracuse University Press

Emerging trends in Palestinian strategic political thinking and practice

PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

The Citizens' rights handbook

European Centre for Common Ground

Palestinian right to return sacred legal and possible

Palestine Return Center

The forgotten Palestinians : a history of the Palestinians in Israel

Yale University Press

False prophets of peace : liberal Zionism and the struggle for Palestine

Haymarket Books


Jonathan Cape

A child in Palestine : the cartoons of Naji al-Ali

Verso Books

Does the land remember me? : a memoir of Palestine

Syracuse University Press
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