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Books about "Pharmaceutical industry"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Adquisicion De Productos Farmaceuticos Y Vacunas

Banco Mundial

The development factory : unlocking the potential of process innovation

Harvard Business School Press

Computer applications in pharmaceutical research and development


Textbook of industrial pharmacognosy


Leading pharmaceutical innovation : trends and drives for growth in the pharmaceutical industry


Study on the good manufacturing practice (GMP)

An-Najah National University

Abpi Compendium of Data sheets and Summaries of Product Characteristics 1996-97


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: A comprehensive International Directory

Medpharm Scientific Publishers stuttgrat 1997

Hplc in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Marcel Dekker

Modern Pharmaceutics

Marcel Dekker, Inc.,

Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals : A Plan for Total Quality Control

Marcel Dekker, Inc.,

Pharmaceutical Process Validation

Marcel Dekker, Inc.
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