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Books about "Physiology, Pathological"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Modelling of homeostasis in computational physiology

New age international (P) Limited

Pharmacotherapy : a pathophysiologic approach

McGraw-Hill Medical

Pharmacotherapy casebook

McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Div.

Human physiology : the basis of medicine

Oxford University Press

Pathophysiology of disease : An introduction to clinical medicine

Lange Medical Books / McGraw - Hill

Text Book of Medical Physiology

W.B. Saunders company/ A Harcout Health Sciences Company

Human physiology and mechanisms of disease

W.B. Saunders Company

Textbook of medical physiology

W.B. Saunders Company

Instructor's Manual by Irene Russo Adult Health Nursing A Biopsychosocial Approach

Addison-Wesley publishing

Biochemistry: a case- oriented approach

The c.v mosby
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