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Books about "Poetry"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Poetic Truth


Poetry in the making

Faber and Faber

ABC of reading

Faber and Faber

The practice of Poetry


The criticism of poetry


Wordsworth and the greet systen: A study of wordsworth poetic universe

Cambridge University Press

Ben Jonson

penguin books

The language of poetry


Critical essays on the nopoetry of Tenneyson

Routhledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.

Invitation to Poetry

Winthrop Publishers

The metamorphoses of Ovid

penguin books

Tales from the perilous realm


Harlem : a poem

Scholastic Press

Carver, a life in poems

Front Street

The spider and the fly

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

To the Moon : an anthology of lunar poems


Quilting the black-eyed pea : poems and not quite poems

William Morrow

Inna Liverpool

AK Press

The Iliad

penguin books

Talking turkeys

Puffin Books

Funky chickens

Puffin Books

Propa propaganda

Bloodaxe Books

The effect of applying the stylistic approach to the teaching of poetry on the 11th grade students c

An-Najah National University

The shepherd's calendar.

Oxford University Press

Juvenal The sixteen satires

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