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Books about "Population policy"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Global Population Policy Database, 1995

United Nations

Concise Report on the World Population Situation in 1995

United Nations Publications

Review and appraisal of the world population plan of action 1994 report

United Nations

Women, population and global crisis : a political-economic analysis

Zed Books

The global family planning revolution : three decades of population policies and pr

World Bank

Family planning : A source book and case material for social work education

Council on Social Work Education

Review And Appraisal Of The World Population Plan Of Action

United Nations

Concise Report on The World Populaion Situation In 1993

United Nation

Results of the seventh United Nations population inquiry among governments

United Nations

Concise report on the world population situation in 1993 with special emphasis on refugees

United Nations

State of the World/1993

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