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Books about "Programmed instruction"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Essentials of perioperative nursing

Jones and Bartlett Pub.

Adobe Photoshop elements 2.0 : a visual introduction to digital imaging

Focal Press

Self-instruction in language learning

Cambridge University Press

communication in health care

Butterworth Heinemann

Programed instruction for schools and industry

Science research Associates

Growth and Development


Math For Meds

Wallcur Inc

Weaver & Koehlerُs Programmed mathematics of drugs and solutions

J.B. Lippincott

Microbiology in Practice


An introduction to engineering calculation

West publishing company

Designing Organic Syntheses

John Wiley and Sons

Assembly language Programming

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

Ultraviolet and Visible spectroscopy

John Wiley&Sons

Gas Chromatography:Analytical chemistry by open learning

John wiley&son

Using Graphs and tables

John Wiley and Sons

Ultraviolet and Spectroscopy

University of Greenwich

Finite Mathematics

John Wiley and Sons
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