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Pronunciation Skills


Contractions: a pronunciation practice book

Cambridge University Press

Apractical course of English pronunciation: A perceptual approach

Edward Arnold

An introduction to the pronunciation of English

Edward Arnold

Drills and Exercises in English pronunciation Consonants and vowels

Collier Macmillan international

Pronunciation Pracrice: Students` Workbook

Longman Group Ltd.

The Pronunciation of English

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Active English:Pronunciation & speech


The Impact of English Orthography on Arab EFL Learners' Pronunciation of English

Faculty of Graduate Studies - Hebron University

Longman pronunciation dictionary

Pearson Longman

Mastering the American accent

Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

Teaching American English pronunciation

Oxford University Press

Pronounce it Perfectly In English

George Washington University

English pronouncing dictionary

Cambridge University Press

Teaching pronunciation : a reference for teachers of English to speakers of

Cambridge University Press

Perfecting the sounds of American English

NTC Publishing Group

English Pronunciation in use advanced

Cambridge University Press

English pronunciation in use: Elementary

Cambridge Uneversity press

The pronunciation of English : a course book

Blackwell Pub.

Gimson’s pronunciation of english


Gimson's pronunciation of English

Oxford University Press

A handbook of English pronunciation : featuring notes in French, German, Greek, Italian, Portugese,

Edward Arnold

English pronouncing dictionary

Cambridge University Press

Longman pronunciation dictionary

Longman/Pearson Education

Teaching english pronunciation

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