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Books about "Psychotherapy"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Self, Symptoms And Psychotherapy

John Wiley & Sons

Abnormal psychology and modern life

Scott , Foremann and Company

Psychiatric nursing


Theories of counseling and psychotherapy : an integrative approach

Sage publications

Yoga and meditational psychotherapy

Global Vision Publishing House

Clinical case formulations : matching the integrative treatment plan to the client

John Wiley & Sons

Focusing : How to gain direct access to your body's knowledge


Advanced skills and interventions in therapeutic counselling

Crown House Pub.

Key issues for counselling in action


Handbook of psychological change : psychotherapy processes and practices for the 21st century


Abnormal Psychology


Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment

Jessica Kingsley Publishers



Handbook of psychotherapy and behavior change


Essentials of psychotherapy


Insider's guide to graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology


Severe depression : A practitioner's guide

Chapman & Hall

Counseling and Psychotherapy: an integrated ,individual psychology approach

Prentice Hall

First steps in the Art of interventio: Aguidebook for Trainees in the Helping Professions

Brooks- Cole Publishing

Kursbuch Seele

Verlag Kiepenheuer

Crises & Special Problems

Jason Aronson

Abnormal Psychology

W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.,

A guide for beginning psychotherapists

Cambridge University Press

Behaviour Research and Therapy

Pergamon Press Ltd.,

Behavioral Psychotherapy

British Association for Behavioral Psychotherapy
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