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Books about "Public speaking"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The natural speaker

Allyn & Bacon

What to say when - you're dying on the platform : a complete resource for speakers, trainers and executives


Speech communication made simple


Successful presentation skills

Kogan Page

Communication skills

Viva Books Private Limited

Public speaking

houghton Mifflin

The communicative arts and science of speech

Charles E. Merrill Books Inc.

The quick & easy way to effective speaking

Pocket Books

How to make an effective speech or presentation


How to write and deliver effective speeches


Writing & speaking at work : a practical guide for business communication

Prentice Hall

Effective speaking

E & Fn Spon

Public speaking

Houchton Mifflin company

Confidence in public speaking

WCB Brown & Benchmark Publishers

Think on Your Feet

Simon and Schuster

The Presentations Kit

John Wiely &sons, Inc

Making successful Presentations:aSelf-teaching Guide

John Wiley & Sons

The Art of public speaking

Random House

The Perfect Presentation

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