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Books about "Research"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Grammar of English predicate complement construction

The M.L.T. Press

Research Methods: a Process of Inquiry

Harper & Brothers

Better Patient Care Through Nursing Research

Macmillan Publishing

Methos Towards A science of Behavior and Experience

Brooks / cole

Research methods: A process of inguiry

Harper and Row

Research Methods


Research Methods in Physical Activity

Human kinetics book

The Practice of Social Research

wadsworth publishing Company

Modeling onsite wastwater : systems at the watershed scale : a user's guide


Research methods in social relations

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers

Basic plant pathology methods

Lewis Publishers

Advanced research methods in psychology


Research methods and design in psychology

Learning Matters

Introducing research and evidence-based practice for nurses

Pearson Education

Case study research in practice


Statistics for sports and exercise science : a practical approach

Pearson Education

Applied epidemiology : theory to practice

Oxford University Press

Conducting and reading research in health and human performance


Applied multilevel analysis : a practical guide

Cambridge University Press

Introduction to research in the health sciences


Essentials of research methods in psychology

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Health science research : a handbook of quantitative methods


Qualitative methods for health research


Doing a literature review in health and social care : a practical guide

McGraw-Hill/Open University Press

Action research in nursing and healthcare

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