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Books about "Semantics"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Semantics and language analysis

The Bobbs-Merrill

Sense and sense development

Andre Deutsch

Formal Semantics of natural language :Papers from a colloquium sponsored by the King's college Resee

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Semantic theory

Harper and Row

Semantic syntax

Oxford University Press


penguin books

Introduction to Contemporary Linguistic semantics


Towards a Semantic Description of English


Formal syntax and semantics of programming languages : a laboratory based approach

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co

Dimensions of applied forensic linguistics

Cyber Tech Publications

Knowledge of meaning : an introduction to semantic theory

MIT Press


Palgrave Macmillan

Meaning in language : an introduction to semantics and pragmatics

Oxford University Press

The language of word meaning

Cambridge University Press

Semantics in acquisition


Semantics and pragmatics of false friends


The typology of parts of speech systems : the markedness of adjectives


Stylistics and language teaching : with a section on translation studies

Kalinga Publications

Semantics & Syntax

مركز جامعة القاهرة للتعليم المفتوح


Cambridge University Press


Blackwell Pub.

Forensic linguistics : an introduction to language in the justice system

Blackwell Pub.

Thoughts and utterances : the pragmatics of explicit communication

Blackwell Pub.

Discourse and language learning : A relational approach to syllabus design

Oxford University Press

The semantics/Pragmatics interface from different points of view

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