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Books about "Simulation methods"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

تطبيقات المحاكاة الصناعية في إدارة المؤسسة

An-Najah National University

تطبيقات المحاكاة الصناعية في إدارة المؤسسة

An-Najah National University

Markets, games, and strategic behavior

Pearson Addison Wesley

Barnga : a simulation game on culture clashes

Intercultural Press

Systems thinking and modelling : Understanding change and complexity

[Great Britain] : Prentice Hall,

Modeling the environment

Island press

Learning online with games, simulations, and virtual worlds : strategies for online instruction


Principles of modeling and simulation : a multidisciplinary approach

John Wiley

Discrete- event system simulation


Icebreakers: book of activities

Viva Books

Kennedy’s negotiating simulations

Connaught Training

The international simulation and gaming research yearbook. Vol. 8, Simulations an

Kogan Page

Large-eddy simulation for acoustics

Cambridge University Press

Statistics for engineers and scientists


Graduation project traffic simulation study of nablus city CBD Area

An-Najah National University

Simulation in international Relations

Prentice Hall

Record of Proceedings-Volume 35

IEEE Computer Society Press

Traffic Flow Theory Simulation Models,Macroscopic Flow relationship,and flow relationships,and flow

National Academy Press

Playerُs manual Paintco II: a coputerized marketing simulation


Systems Simulation in Agroculture

Applied Science Publishers Ltd.

Discrete-Event system simulation

Prentice Hall

100 training Games

McGraw Hill
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