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Books about "Social aspects"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Discorse across cultures


The Photographic image in didgital culture


Cultivating Humanity

harvard University

Marketing 94/95

The Dushkin Publishing

Community Heath Nursing:Evolution and Process in the Family and community

Appleton century crofts

Invisible Colleges

The University of Chicago Press

Taking Sides :Clashing view on Controversial issues in Mass Media and society

The Dushkin Publishing

New Media Technology:Cultural And Commercial Perspectives

Allyn and Bacon

Channels of Communication and Mutual Images Between the West Bank and Areas in Israel

Birzeit University Publications

Media/ Reader

Wadsworth publishing

The Social Construction of Technological systems

The MIT Press

Postmodernism and the social science: athematic approach

Sage publications

From tribe to facebook : The transformational role of social networks

The Emirates Center For Strategic Studies and Research

The age of empathy : nature's lessons for a kinder society

Souvenir Press

Soil, not oil : climate change, peak oil and food insecurity

Zed Books

Pop finance : investment clubs and the new investor populism

Princeton University Press

Glamour : women, history, feminism

Zed Books

Abortion in the developing world

Zed Books ; World Health Organization

Gender and migration : feminist interventions

Zed Books

Anti-porn : the resurgence of anti-pornography feminism

Zed Books

Taking sides. Clashing views on legal issues

McGraw Hill

Taking sides : clashing views on environmental issues


American higher education in the twenty-first century : social, political, and economic challenges

Johns Hopkins University Press

Information communication technologies and developmen

Dominant Publishers & Distributors

Sociology for nurses

AITBS Publishers
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