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Books about "Social classes"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Loving ; Living ; Party going

Pan Books

The kite runner : A novel

Riverhead Books

Human nature, class, and ethnicity

Oxford University Press

The old social classes and the revolutionary movements of Iraq

Princeton University Press

Stratification among the aged

Brooks/Cole Pub. Co.

The god of small things


Yankee city

Yale University Press

The Status System Of A Modern Community

Yale University Press

Judas at the jockey club and other episodes of porfirian Mexico

University Of Nebraska Press

Estado y clases sociales en las relaciones Estados Unidos-Latinoamérica

Fondo de cultura economica

Power and privilege : a theory of social stratification

McGraw-Hill Book Company

The rich get richer and the poor get prison: ideology, class, and criminal justice

Allyn & Bacon

Experiencing race, class, and gender in the United States

Mayfield Publishing Company

Experiencing Race ,Class, and Gender in the united states

Mayfield Publishing Company

The English novel in history, 1840-1895


Paradise: Class, Commuters, and Ethnicity in Rural Ontario

University of Toronto Press

Social Structure

The Macmillan Company

The impact of the industrial revolution; protest and alienation

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