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Books about "Social sciences"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Catastrophe theory:selected papers. 1972-1977


MATHEMATICS for Business Life Sciences and Social Sceinces

The Challenges of Citizenship

John Wiely & Sons

Elementry Statistics in Social REsearch

Harper &Row

Computer-Based Data Analysis:using Spss* in the social and Behavioral Science

Nelson-hall Publishers

Statistics For the social and Behavioral Science

Little, Brown and Company

The Practice of Social Research

wadsworth publishing Company

Research methods in social relations

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers

Case study research in practice


Ready, set, go! : a student guide to SPSS16.0-17.0 for Windows


Basic statistics for business & economics


Introducing research methodology : a beginner's guide to doing a research project

Sage publications

Finite mathematics for business, economics, life sciences, and social sciences

Collier Macmillan

Research Methods in Social Science

Viva Books

Reasoning with statistics : how to read quantitative research

Harcourt College Publishers

Society, health and development.


GIS in the classroom : using geographic information systems in social studies and environmental science


National curriculum standards for social studies : a framework for teaching, learning and assessment

National Council for the Social Studies

Social studies for the twenty-first century : methods and materials for teaching in middle and secondary schools

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Perspectives in social research methods and analysis : a reader for sociology


Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science

McGraw-Hill Open University Press

Barron's New York state grade 8 intermediate social studies test


Data collection : planning for and collecting all types of data


Socio-scientific issues in the classroom: Teaching, Learning and Research


Critical research in the social sciences : a transdisciplinary east-west handbook

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