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Books about "Soviet Union"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Middle East in Transition

Routledge & Kegan Paul

Lenin, a biography

New American Library

Soviet Military Power : Prospects for Chenge

Deperatment Of Defense

Basic Russian Publications

The University of Chicago Press

The Cold War Is Over

Times Books

The luzhin defense : A Novel

Vintage Books

Muslims of the Soviet empire : a guide

Indiana University Press

The Soviet Union


Russia under western eyes : from the bronze horseman to the Lenin mausoleum


Lenin--a biography

Harvard University Press

The Russian century : A photographic history pf Russia’s 100 yaers

Barnes & Noble Books

V.I.LeninThe Story of his life


Memories of Lenin

International Publishers

The Samurai of vishogrod: the notebooks of Jacob Marateck

The Jewish Publication Society of America

Prospects For Soviet Society

Praeger Publishers

Soviet progress vs. American enterprise

Doubleday & Company, Inc.

The Challenge Of Soviet Education


Soviet nuclear fission: control of the nuclear arsenal in a disintegrating Soviet Union

The President and fellows of Harvard university

Sino-Soviet relations, 1964-1965

The MIT Press

Ten days that shook the world


The dilemma of reform in the soviet union

Council on foreign relations,inc

The Dilemma of reform in the Soviet Union

Council on foreign relations books

The Soviet Military Buildup And U.S Defense Spending

The Brookings Institution

Soviet Perceptions Of War and Peace

National Defense University Press

The Science Race: Training and Utilization Of Scientists and Engineers, Us And Ussr

Crane Russak
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