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Books about "Spectrum analysis"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Radio and Microwaves Spectroscopy


Introduction to spectroscopy

Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning

Structural identification of organic compounds with spectroscopic techniques

Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.


John Wiley & Sons

Applied Spectroscopy

The Society for Applied Spectroscopy



Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

Blackwell Scientific Publications

Organic structural spectroscopy


Modern Infrared Spectroscopy

John Willey & Sons

Spectrometric indentification of organic copounds

John Wiley & Sons

Spectrochemical analysis

Prentice Hall

Alpha-Beta-and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy


Spectrochemical Analysis

Prentice Hall

Ultraviolet and Visible spectroscopy

John Wiley&Sons

Biomedical Applications of Spectroscopy

John Willey & Sons

Biomedical Applications of spectroscopy

John Wiley and Sons

Ultraviolet and Spectroscopy

University of Greenwich

Modern Spectrpscopy

John Wiley and Sons
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