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Books about "Spoken English"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Speech-hearing tests and the spoken language of hearning-impaired children

Academic Press

Advanced conversational English; workbook


Spoken english and applied linguistics

Cyber Tech Publications

Effective English


Kumar's Spoken English

Vee kumar puplications PVT.

Art of English conversation : speak English fluently

Lotus Press

McGraw-Hill's conversational American English : the illustrated guide to the everyday expressions of American English


Dialogue activities : exploring spoken interaction in the language class

Cambridge University Press

NTC's dictionary of everyday American English expressions : presented according to topic and situation

National Textbook Co., c1994.

Common American phrases in everyday contexts : a detailed guide to real-life conversation and small talk

McGraw-Hill, c2003.

The effect of anxiety on the oral performance of Palestinian students of English from perspectives of teachers and students

Faculty of Graduate Studies - Hebron University

Essential telephoning in English. Student’s book

Cambridge University Press

Clear speech from the start : basic pronunciation and listening comprehension in North American Engl

Cambridge University Press

Clear speech : pronunciation and listening comprehension in North American

Cambridge University Press

English for pharmacy writing and oral communication

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

20 training workshops for listening skills


How to teach speaking

Pearson Education Ltd./Longman

Word frequencies in written and spoken English : based on the British National Corpus


Progressive living english for the arab world


Jazz chants for children : rhythms of American English through chants, songs and poems

Oxford University Press

Presenting new language

Oxford University Press

Talking proper : the rise of accent as social symbol

Oxford University Press

The Oxford guide to writing and speaking

Oxford University Press

Great ideas: listening and speaking activities for students of american english: stud

Cambridge University Press

Telephoning in english

Cambridge University Press
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