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Books about "Statistics"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Biostatistical analysis


The Computation of Style

Pergamon Press

Main features of domestic and external merchandise trade of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

United Nations

Statistics:Basic Techniques for solving applied problems

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

Emerging Stock Markets Factbook 1998

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

PECDAR: Activity Report 1996


Nonparmetric statistics: A contemporary approach


Analysis Of Two-Way Layouts

Chapman & Hall

World Urbanization Prospects

United Nations

Statistical Tables


Elementry Statistics in Social REsearch

Harper &Row

Statistics:a first course


Demographic Yearbook

United Nations

Statistical Yearbook 1977

United Nations

Statistics For the social and Behavioral Science

Little, Brown and Company

Elementary statistical procedures

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

Theory & Problems of Business Statistics

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

Improving Women's Health Services in the Russian Federation

The World Bank

The World Bank Atlas

The World Bank

Statistics : Principles and Methods

John Wiley and Sons

Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions

Chapman and Hall

Statistics : Methods and Analysis

McGraw_Hill Kogakusha

World Urbanization Prospects, The 1994 Revision

united nations publication

Probability and statistics for engineers

Statistics An introduction

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