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Books about "Study and Teaching (Elementary)"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Children's Literature

Holt,Rinehart & Winston, INC.

Teaching science for social justice

Teachers College Press

Designing communities

Kluwer Academic Publishers

Science notebooks : writing about inquiry


Science activities for elementary students


Beginning to write : writing activities for elementary and intermediate learners

Cambridge University Press

Assessing children's mathematical knowledge : social class, sex, and problem-solving

Open University Press

Today's mathematics-part 2: activities and instructional ideas

John Will & Sons, Inc.

Mathematics Activities for Elementary School teachers


Mathematics Activities for Elementary School teachers


Children and their world : strategies for teaching social studies

Houghton Mifflin Co.

A Problem solving Approach to mathematics for Elementary school teachers

Addison wesley publishing

A problem solving approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers

The Benjamin

Coordinating Science Across th Primary School

Falmer press

Social Studies in Elementary Education

Macmillan publishing company

A language for life : report of the committee of inquiry appointed


Development In Art Teaching

Open Books

Teaching Children Games: Becoming a Master Teacher

Human Kinetics

Math Activites for Child Involvement

Allyn and Bacon
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