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Books about "Study and teaching"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

First Certificate English


Reading in a second language

New Bury house

Discourse analysis and second language teaching

Center for Applied Linguistics

Games and simulations in the foreign language classroom

Center for Applied Linguistics

English through reading


Tutors Guide

Cambridge Uninversity Press

The forgotten third skills:Reading a foreign language

Pergamon Press

Psychology and the language learning process

Pergamon Press

How to prepare for the test of english as a foreign language

Harcourt, Brace Jovanvich

First Certificate English Book 4 : Listening comprehension. [Student's book]


First Certificate English Book 3, Use of English


Signpost: a foundation English course

Nelson and Sons

The psychologist and the foreign language teacher

The University of Chicago Press

English by objectives: units 6-10, teaching guide

Evans Brothers Limited

Practice and progress:An integrated course for pre-intermediate students


Developing listening comprehension for ESL Students


Rseading in a second language

New bury house publishers



Visual materials for the language teacher

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Focus on the learner:pragmatic perspectives for the language teacher

Newbury House

English in education

University press

Problems and principles in English teaching

Pergamon Press

The Drama Reader:Full-Length playsfor the Secondery School

The Odyssey Press

ABC of reading

Faber and Faber

Communicate I. english for social interaction:Teacher's Book

Cambridge Uninversity Press
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